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Heating Equipment

ThermoPride warm air furnaces are simply the best there is. It is evident from just looking at one of these units that they are built to last, but durability is only one feature of ThermoPride. Sippin Energy has used ThermoPride for years for many reasons. First off, they are quite, sometimes you can barely heart them running. They also burn clean, thanks to the advanced refractory chamber design. They are also efficient. This is largely due to the heat exchanger design. The heat exchanger is the most important part of the furnace because it is what is responsible for “extracting” the heat from the burner, and transferring it to your home. The heat exchanger in the ThermoPride system is Octagonal in shape, and made out of thick copper coated material. It is efficient and durable.



Rheem Modulating / Condensing Gas Furnace
The Rheem Prestige Series 90 Plus, modulating gas furnace provides comfort and low cost operation. This unit is direct vented through the wall without the use of a chimney. The Rheem Prestige Series has an efficiency rating of up to 96%.

The energy efficient ECM blower motor along with many more enhancements make the Rheem Prestige furnace one of the quietest and reliable furnaces on the market today.