Customer Comments and Testimonials

Good morning,

    I would like to comment on Brandon:

  1. He arrived and was extremely personable and polite
  2. He performed his responsibilities efficiently, with a keen eye to keeping his work area clean and neat
  3. He pointed out an item that I needed to address with the fresh air vent in the side of the house.
  4. He installed the Gremlin and helped me to add the new Gremlin to my phone app.
  5. Upon completion he asked if there was anything else I needed before he left.

Overall, it was a superior service experience and I commend Sippin for hiring such a pleasant person. 

Thank you … Tom T (Brookfield)

Totally satisfied with the installation and the attention to detail on the placement of my new propane tank. Al, John, and Chaz were very professional and explained the total job. The site was a bit difficult and the crew made it look easy.

John S, Oxford CT

perfect – thank you!

I have to say that, in all my many, many years of being a Sippin customer, you have far and away distinguished yourself for your helpfulness, enthusiasm, initiative and follow through!

please feel free to forward this to your supervisor – I am truly impressed!

Julie L, Newtown CT

I just wanted to comment on a job well done by John B. Fantastic to see a skilled tech do a great job, it’s clear he is very dedicated to his profession on all levels. Friendly, courteous, smart, clean. The world needs more men like him. Thank you.

Alexander U, Shelton CT

I just want to say thank you to one of your drivers who pushed my car up Soundridge Road in Shelton around 12:45 this afternoon. If it wasn’t for him I would probably still be there. I didn’t catch his name but wanted him to be recognized for this! Thanks again!



Nobody buys a heating system because it’s bigger, better and prettier than last years model. We buy because we are usually in a bind and have to do something quick. I had a leaking furnace. Called my service company, Sippin. I thought o’boy here it comes. I know nothing about this type of equipment and didn’t have the luxury of time to get somewhat familiar with what is available-not to mention cost. Bill Kochiss, Adam and another gent came to asses the situation. My options were explained. A temporary fix that may last a day to months or years or replacement. The temporary fix with prorated manufacturer parts and installed by Sippin didn’t seem to be cost effective. New systems, who would think they cost what they do. At any rate we discussed the options and systems that were available from Sippin. I chose to go with the Sytsem 2000. I like to refer to it as Sys2k. I chose it, not because it was yellow, but I did do some research and liked the concept and technology in the unit. Your technical/installation people, and Bill K, have delivered beyond my expectations.  The team, and it really was, worked as one. Even though there were pieces and parts everywhere there was order to it. It was as if one  started doing something and the other stepped in and completed What is truly to their credit is that they had to contend with a person who asked a lot of questions and probably spent to much time watching the installation. I don’t think I interfered much. These four people are credit to your company. Their dealings with me made me feel comfortable in their abilities, and confident that this issue would be resolved promptly and correctly. Oh, when Bill K was outlining what would take place he said I would  be without water until 2 o’clock and that they would finish about 5 or 6 PM. Sure, what does a salesman know. At 1:50 we had our water back. At about 5:30 PM we were standing around watching my new system heat my home thanks to Adam, Bill and Brian. I can’t say enough about the Sippin people that I have dealt with. Please at your next staff meeting, acknowledge Bill K, Adam, Bill  and Brian. These are the people who represent you and your company. They have said volumes to me about themselves and the company that they represent. Their work ethic, desire to insure that things are done right is a credit to them.

Thank you, Ron F, Trumbull CT

Hi Maurene,

I just wanted to let you know so you can pass it along that the tech(John B) that came to my home today to perform my yearly cleaning on my furnace is one of the best I have ever dealt with from your company.  That is saying a lot considering I have had you as my oil company for many years.     Whatever you do I would be sure not lose him as an employee, as he is an asset to your company in a big way.   He is polite, knowledgeable, and works neat on the job.  Enjoy the upcoming thanksgiving holiday.   

Dennis D, Shelton CT

John has just made two service  calls at our  house this week, one to do a compliance check prior to our propane tank swap, and one to do a routine oil burner cleaning. On both jobs it’s clear that John is very competent, thorough and   considerate. He left my basement and oil burner in tip-top shape! Thanks for sending him to handle these jobs!

Maryanne S, Oxford CT

I just wanted to drop a quick note.  I don’t know the technician’s name but he came and performed our annual maintenance yesterday, 1/12/2017.  He arrived promptly on time, was friendly, polite and very clean!  We have a pretty complex heating system and it’s never a fun time for any techs who have to work on it.  This gentleman took his time to ensure everything was cleaned and running as expected.  He also took time to clean his work area when done, thanked me and let us know if anything should arise, let them know.  I don’t often have time to send in notes of compliments but please pass my thanks along to this tech and wish him well!  I hope we have the pleasure of him doing our service next year!

Joe M, Monroe CT

Good afternoon Gary,

I would like to thank Sippin Energy for taking care of my furnace replacement with speed, efficiency, and without worry on my part. I called in a service problem and was told my furnace was shot. Your tech had to shut it down and said I needed a new one, this one was dangerous. This was on New Year’s eve morning. Happy New Year.  What a way start a new year and with the coldest day of the year coming up.

Your install techs just left, they did a great job. They came in did their work, explained the new set up cleaned up after they were finished and were polite and professional. They are an asset to your company. I did not get their names but I am sure your know who did what today. I would also like to mention Joe Rajcula and Patty Gaffney and thank them for making this easy and without surprises. Both a pleasure to work with and they both got things moving fast so we didn’t freeze.

I am writing this to you today because I am an operations manager for a telecommunications company and we don’t get enough good letters. Most people only tell me when things go bad and they want to complain. I think people should also talk about when things go very well; as it just did for me.

This is why I stay with local people and companies.

Thanks again,

Happy New Year

Fred P, Monroe, CT

“Rich fixed a problem with the Phase III hot water system. Ian said the work was excellent, phenomenal job, very happy with the pipe work. Looks and works great”

Ian M from Sandy Hook

“I just wanted to acknowledge Bill Kochiss.  I just recently purchased and installed a System 2000 boiler for my home on 6/2/09. Bill made the entire process painless. He is very professional and did a great job along with the install team.”

“I’ve been a Sippin customer for almost 15 years and it’s really due to representatives of your company like Bill. More often than not employees are not recognized or acknowledged as a Company’s most important asset.  These employees represent you how they conduct themselves is a direct reflection on your Company.”

Sincerely, Ben  Monroe

“Linda, I just want to reiterate that you are an absolute pleasure and delight to work with.  You are very knowledgeable and have a pleasant demeanor.  As you know, I’ve been a Sippin customer for several years and I continue to wholeheartedly recommend your company given my many positive experiences with customer service.  I really appreciate your can-do attitude, willingness to go the extra mile, and boundless respect for the customer.  In my day job, I am responsible for delivering support services to a wide portfolio of customers.  It is very refreshing (every once in a while) to be on the other side of the table and feel like a well-respected customer.  Thanks again. “

Satisfied Customer in Danbury

“Just wanted to let you know your service is excellent and we really appreciate it.”

David,  Brookfield