Customer Loyalty Rewards Program

For nearly a decade now, Sippin Energy Products has been enrolling customers in our exclusive Customer Loyalty Rewards Program. This program offers customers a unique opportunity to accumulate Points that can be applied and redeemed for a variety of valuable products and services offered by Sippin Energy Products, as well as some quality local restaurants and retailers.

Check out the information below to see exactly what the program has to offer, or feel free to call us at (800) 994-3835 to have a customer care expert reach out to you and go over it in more detail.

About the Sippin Energy Loyalty Rewards Program

Here are some of the important features of our loyalty program to help you better understand all the benefits!

How to redeem your points

Check out this video tutorial to see a step-by-step walk through on how to get started using your customer loyalty points!

How can you earn Loyalty Points?

  • Customers earn Loyalty Points every day they are enrolled in automatic delivery. If you are interested in automatic delivery and not yet signed up, be sure to check out our Automatic Delivery and Tank Monitoring Page.
  • New customers of Sippin Energy Products instantly receive a new sign-up bonus worth 10,000 points.
  • Veteran customers instantly receive a 1-time credit for 10,000 points once they apply for our Serving America’s Bravest program. If you are a veteran, check out our Serving America’s Bravest Program.

How can you use your Loyalty Points?

  • Points can be applied to help pay for your cap fee if you are signed up for the Smart Cap Program.
  • They can be used for service contract extensions.
  • For any installation work Sippin Energy Products may provide for you.
  • Points can be applied to a number of charity organizations Sippin Energy partners with.
  • Or they can be redeemed at a number of local businesses and restaurants for you to enjoy!

Are there any terms or conditions?

  • You do have to be on automatic delivery in order to earn any points.
  • Once you decide you’d like to use your points for something, they all must be applied to a single transaction.

What are they worth?

  • The answer is that it depends on what is more desirable to each individual customer. Point values are calculated based on numerous factors to ensure a fair balance is achieved in each of the categories where Customer Loyalty Points may be applied.