Delivery Terms and Conditions

Delivery terms and conditions and helpful tips

Degree day automatic delivery is provided as a homeowner convenience. It is a method of delivery forecasting that utilizes customer delivery history in conjunction with outdoor temperature. While it is a very accurate method for forecasting deliveries, it is not infallible.

Here are a few helpful tips to ensure your comfort and safety:

  1. If you leave your home unoccupied for any length of time during cold weather, be sure to have someone regularly check your home to be sure the heat is on, and there is an ample supply of fuel in the tank.
  2. Sippin Energy Products now provides electronic fuel level monitoring. Please contact our office for further details, further information is available here.
  3. If you have an electronic burglar alarm system in your home, you may be able to add notification protection in the event of the heating system failure or low temperature. Your alarm company may also be able to provide notification in the event of a basement flood.
  4. If you change your heating demand for any reason, please be sure to notify us so we may make adjustments to your delivery forecast schedule. Such changes may be:
    1. A sudden discontinuation of a supplemental fuel such as coal or wood
    2. An addition added to your home
    3. A lifestyle change that increases demand on he or domestic hot water
  5. Driveway access: be sure to keep your driveway plowed and sanded during the winter. Remember, if an oil truck cannot get up your driveway neither can an ambulance or a fire truck!

Limited liability: in the event of a fuel run out on automatic delivery, Sippin energy will provide emergency service to restart the system free of charge; however Sippin Energy Products is not liable for damages caused by the failure to deliver fuel for any reason.

Changes to your automatic delivery plan:

Any changes to your automatic delivery plan must be done using one of the following methods and must be received by Sippin Energy Products a minimum of one working day in advance of any change.

  1. In writing to: Sippin Energy Products, 234 Main St., Monroe, CT 06468
  2. Email to: csr@sippin.com
  3. Facsimile sent to: 203 – 268 – 0769
  4. All requests must be sent to the attention of Sippin Energy Products customer care department and must include all content and delivery site information as well as detailed explanation for any requested change.

Heating oil dealer license number HOD #000052