Automatic Delivery & Tank Monitoring

Electronic Tank Monitoring System

We are now offering a revolutionary new Wi-Fi tank level monitoring program available to all Sippin Energy automatic delivery heating oil customers and a cellular tank level monitor for propane customers.  With this new technology, both you and our office staff can safely and accurately monitor your fuel levels for enhanced peace of mind.

WIFI Tank Monitor

Features & Benefits of Tank Monitoring:

  • Durable, electronic tank sensor replaces your old manual gauge
  • Intuitive IPhone/ Android App
  • See fuel levels and usage history from anywhere in the world
  • Installed in minutes by one of our licensed service staff

Sign Me Up for Electronic Tank Monitoring

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Tank Monitoring Terms & Conditions


If your home ever runs out of fuel while on our Electronic Home Monitor system, Sippin Energy will provide the following:

  • A complimentary 1-year service plan
  • 50 Gallons of fuel
  • Emergency service and fuel to restart the system provided at no charge
  • Up to $25,000.00 in damage protection

Degree Day Automatic Delivery

When you open an account with Sippin Energy, you will get Sippin Energy’s state-of-the-art automatic delivery service at no extra cost! This system tracks your usage and forecasts when you will need a delivery, so you never have to call, or remember to check your tank.

How does degree day automatic delivery work?

Sippin Energy utilizes several methods of Automatic delivery including dated delivery, electronically monitored delivery, and degree day delivery. The most common system is degree day delivery. To understand degree day delivery, you need to have an understanding of what degree days are. The term “Degree day” is a bit confusing because many degree days can be recorded for one 24 hr period. As you may assume, degree day calculation is based on outside temperature. The calculation uses a baseline of 65°F as a starting point. From there we take the average temperature for the last 24 hour period, and subtract it from 65. This is the number of degree days that accumulated over the last 24 hours. As an example, if the average temperature for the last 24 hours was 45°, we can compute the degree days fairly simply: 65° – 45° = 20 Degree Days

How is that used to deliver my oil or propane?

After arriving at the degree day, we calculate what is called a K-factor for each customer. It’s like a Mile-Per-Gallon MPG calculation you do on an automobile, only we use degree days instead of miles. After each delivery we re-calculate this to be used to project the next delivery date.

For example:

If 500 hundred degree days pass, and you burn 100 gallons of fuel, you have a K-Factor of 5, or 5 degree days per gallon.

Now that you know how it works, you can sit back and relax!

All the calculations are done by state-of-the-art systems that are managed by our fuel delivery management personnel. Want more information? just contact our oil delivery dept at delivery@sippin.com

Instructional Videos for Smartphone Setup