Air Conditioning Equipment

Searching for a dependable air conditioning service provider in Southern Connecticut? Look no further, Sippin Energy is prepared to keep your home comfortable all summer long. We offer complete cooling services to residents throughout our Greater Monroe service area.

We are proud to sell, install, and service top-quality equipment for both ducted central air conditioning and ductless A/C systems. Sippin Energy’s expert team of HVAC specialists will make sure our family stays cool throughout the summer, year after year with energy-saving solutions and services.

  • All installations are done professionally  and according to code
  • All installations are backed by our own year workmanship warranty
  • All installations are serviced by our team of legendary premier service technicians

Efficiency Ratings Explained

Air conditioning systems are rated by their Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio, or SEER.  The higher the rating/ratio number, the better the electrical efficiency.  Ducted systems typically have a rating between 13 (Federal minimum), to 20 SEER (Best). Ductless systems are now up to near 30.