Warm Air (Ducted) Systems

Ducted heating systems provide even, energy-efficient heating throughout your entire home. Unlike boilers these systems heat air instead of fuel, which is distributed to rooms via air registers or grills. Ducted warm air systems are compatible with oil, propane, and electrical fuel sources, making them a versatile choice for Connecticut homeowners.


How ducted warm air heating systems work

Ducted warm air heating systems work by heating air with a furnace, which can be fueled by heating oil, propane or natural gas. Once air is heated, is distributed throughout the home utilizing a blower assembly which forces the heated air through ductwork. The ductwork that provides heat to the different rooms of the home are referred to as supply ducts. The air that is returned back to the furnace for reheating, are referred to as return ducts.

The ductwork used to distribute heated air can also be used to distribute cool air from a central air conditioning system. Accessory add-ons such as humidifiers, UV air filters, and high performance media filters can also be added to a warm air ducted heating system.

Ductwork fabrication by Sippin Energy

High-quality ductwork is fabricated right in our own shop on Main St., Monroe, CT.  our skilled team of fabricators will build your ductwork system according to computer-generated designs perfectly matched to your needs. Our fabricated ductwork is beautifully crafted and expertly insulated to ensure the highest efficiency.