New Propane Tank Monitors Introduced

Sippin Energy Products has successfully deployed several different tank monitoring technologies over the past decade, and the latest innovations come from the Gremlin line. The gremlin tank monitor product line includes monitors for both heating oil and propane utilizing technologies specific to each type of fuel. The gremlin heating oil tank monitor utilizes a high-technology ultrasonic measuring device coupled to a Wi-Fi integrated communication system that provides data to both you as a consumer into Sippin energy products so we can accurately forecast your deliveries. Introduced in 2018, Sippin energy products now provides gremlin propane tank monitor which utilizes technologies specifically designed to work with propane. The gremlin propane tank monitor connects directly to the gauge on your existing propane tank, and utilizes a cell phone network to transmit data to the monitoring facility. Both heating oil and propane monitors feature gremlin consumer application which allows you to monitor your tank volume on your smart phone, and also see important data about your fuel consumption and supply. The gremlin tank monitor system is available for most customers it is even complementary with many Sippin energy products service plans. For more details visit our tank monitoring webpage.