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Contact Art Dubois
E-Mail: art@sippin.com
Direct Dial: 203-880-6815



Contact John McCann
E-Mail: john@sippin.com
Direct Dial: 203-880-6811


Here are a few reasons why Sippin Energy should be your first choice…

  • Attractive New Customer Incentives
    (ask a Sippin Sales Representative for more details)
  • Total Care BundleTM
    Value-packed Service Bundle that includes many of our most popular services at an attractive low monthly rate!
  • UltraBio4TM High Performance Bio-Heating Oil
    Our UltraBio4® Heating Oil is a clean burning, renewable resource, that results in greater efficiency & reliability
  • Sippin Energy Bulk Storage Facility. 
    The Sippin Energy provides security and product quality through it’s 800,000 Gallon Bulk storage facility.
  • Our legendary 24 Hour technical support staff is the best there is. Our team of trained and licensed experts are courteous, professional, and take pride in getting the job done right the first time.  
  • Advanced web services
    Our “My Account” system, provides real-time data about your account and gives you instant access to valuable products and services.
  • A talented Customer Service Department trained to handle all your home comfort needs.  
  • Comprehensive Service Plans
    Service plans are available for virtually all types of heating and cooling systems.
  • Sound good? We can open an account for you right over the phone, just give us a call at 1-800-994-FUEL (3835) or click here to request additional information, or price quotes.