Tank Monitoring Terms & Conditions

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Electronic tank monitoring program terms and conditions

  1. Customers must be on active automatic delivery.
  2. Customers must be in good credit standing.
  3. Oil tanks must have a minimum of 90% functional capacity.
  4. Normal delivery schedule will result in deliveries of approximately 3/4 of an oil tank’s full capacity or 80% of a propane tank’s capacity .
  5. Circumstances that will result in a service charge:
    • Any call-in deliveries (ahead of the electronic delivery schedule) will result in a $49.00 service fee.
    • If service with Sippin Energy is terminated for any reason, the monitor system must be removed by Sippin Energy within 30 days for a labor charge of $99 or the customer is responsible for the equipment cost ($150.00). If the home is sold, the monitor equipment may be transferred to the new homeowner.
    • A homeowner has the option to remove and return the tank monitor to Sippin Energy themselves either in-person or by mail, provided they have the tools to properly re-install and seal the tank bung cap, and can provide photographic evidence that the tank has been restored to a safe condition. Once the monitor is returned and proof of the tank being in safe condition is acquired, no fee will be issued.
    • If a homeowner receives a delivery from another provider (unless authorized by Sippin Energy), the electronic tank monitoring program becomes null and void, and the tank monitoring equipment must be removed immediately and be returned to Sippin Energy Products. If a delivery attempt was made after the tank was filled by another provider, a $49.00 special delivery charge will be assessed.
  6. Automatic delivery requires that the driveway and access to the fuel tank be cleared and available at all times for safe filling.
  7. The electronic monitor system for oil tanks requires a WIFI internet connection.
  8. The cellular propane tank monitor requires it is in range of an LTE cell network signal.
  9. The monitoring system is provided on a lend / lease basis at no charge but remains the property of Sippin Energy Products.

*No Run-out Guarantee

If at any time an electronically monitored home runs out of fuel resulting in NO-HEAT, the customer may claim the following:

  • A complimentary 1-year Silver service plan
  • 50 Gallons of fuel
  • Emergency service and fuel to restart the system provided at no charge

The no run-out guarantee requires that customers in the electronic tank monitoring program are fully compliant with all terms and conditions listed above.

*Guarantee does not apply during events which may cause extended periods of electrical or cell tower outages (including but not limited to, natural disasters), which may prevent the electronic monitors from transmitting signals accurately.