How are you staying cool this summer? Ducted central air conditioning provides efficiency and convenience that conventional room air conditioners cannot. Quiet operation, lower energy bills, and even cooling distribution are just a few of the many reasons Connecticut homeowners choose central A/C. An added bonus, central air can easily be integrated into the ductwork of your preexisting heating system.

Benefits of Ducted A/C Systems

  • Fast and effective distribution of cool air
  • Energy efficient
  • Whisper-quiet operation
  • Visually appealing

How ducted cooling systems work

Ducted air conditioning systems work not by cooling, but by actually removing heat from your home.  An outdoor condensing unit is used to compress refrigerant which is then pumped to a cooling coil located in a air handling unit. As the refrigerant is decompressed, it absorbs heat which is carried away leaving cool air behind to be distributed throughout the home with a blower fan.

Once air is cooled (by removing the heat), it is distributed throughout the home utilizing a blower assembly which forces the cool air through duct work. The duct work that provides cooling to the different rooms of the home are referred to as supply ducts. Warm air is returned back to the furnace for re-cooling through return ducts. The duct work used to distribute cool air can also be used to distribute warm air from a central heating system. Accessory add-ons such as humidifiers, UV air filters, and high performance media filters can also be added to a ducted systems.

Ductwork fabrication by Sippin Energy

High-quality ductwork is fabricated right in our own shop on Main St., Monroe, CT.  our skilled team of fabricators will build your ductwork system according to computer-generated designs perfectly matched to your needs. Our fabricated ductwork is beautifully crafted and expertly insulated to ensure the highest efficiency.