Gas Conversions

Switching to Propane

Many customers have inquired about switching their homes from heating fuel to propane, so we want ed to take an opportunity to explain the process, and some of the features and benefits. For decades, heating fuel costs have always been far less than propane or natural gas for heating and hot water applications, however in recent years, due to increased domestic supplies, the cost of propane has dropped substantially making it an attractive option for many homeowners. We would also like to take this opportunity to explain the difference between propane and methane (utility provided natural gas). Propane is a delivered fuel, that is delivered and stored as a liquid. When fuel is needed, the liquid is converted to a gas through a regulator.  There are a few benefits of propane over natural gas, including the fact that your tank and supply are located at your home, and are not subject to disruption due to a utility failure or power outage. Propane is also much more environmentally friendly than methane, which is a dangerous greenhouse gas.  Propane is also a very versatile fuel that can be used for many applications throughout your home, such as heating and hot water, cooking, close drying, gas logs sets, space heating, pool and spa heating, outdoor fire pits and grills, the list goes on!


What about natural gas?

Natural gas is a petroleum by-product, extracted from the Earth by drilling and fracking. It has no renewable content and primarily composed of the greenhouse gas, methane.

Is it economical to switch to natural gas?

Not really. For a consumer, by agreeing to switch to natural gas, you automatically agree to a 10% surcharge if you are within 150ft from the gas main, or a 30% surcharge if your home is 150ft or more away. When factoring the price of gas, converting your boiler, and applied surcharges, average return on investment is about 70 years.

Benefits of becoming or remaining a Sippin Energy customer

Be in control of your own supply of your fuel of choice! We offer up to a 20% blended ultra-low sulfur bio-heating oil as well as propane. Our bio-fuel blend is currently the cleanest burning fuel available with the highest available energy content, and our propane, unlike natural gas, is not a green-house gas, is non-toxic, and has twice the energy content of natural gas.

Should you upgrade your heating system?

Before you consider converting to natural gas, allow our team of experts to show you how you can save on your energy bills and increase the value of your home by investing in a modern boiler or warm air furnace from Sippin Energy. We offer only the best brands available in the industry and will work with you to find what’s right for your home. Current life expectancy of oil heat appliances exceed 30 years, where a natural gas furnace lasts only 11-14 years before it needs to be replaced.

Does Sippin do gas conversions?

Yes! Although we like to show everyone within our community the value of staying with a family-owned energy company versus a natural gas utility, we still remain leading experts at converting heating systems to gas and offer a number of affordable service plans if you decide to make that switch.