Hot Water Boilers

Hot water boilers are a popular choice for Connecticut homeowners looking to heat their homes evenly and efficiently. Compatible with oil or heat fuel sources, these conventional systems heat your living space by distributing heat through small water pipes.

How old is your water boiler? If your system is 15 years or older, upgrading to a new high-efficiency boiler can significantly cut your energy costs and reduce your emissions output. Sippin Energy is proud to sell, service, and install high-efficiency oil and propane-fired water boilers. Our certified HVAC experts are available to assess your current equipment and offer upgrade recommendations to best suit your home heating needs.

How Do Hot Water Boilers Work?

Hot water boiler work by heating water and circulating that hot water through baseboards, or radiators in your home. The hot water can also be fed to tubing under a floor which is called radiant heating. Hot water boilers can also be used for Hydro-Air systems.  These systems are a hybrid system utilizing a hot water boiler to heat water which is then used to heat a hot water coil.

A hot water coil resembles a radiator in a car, through which air is passed though with a fan and is heated and circulated throughout the home. Some replacement hot water boilers are designed to produce steam instead of hot water, due to the extra energy required to produce steam, they are not commonly installed in new homes.