Direct Fired Water Heaters

Never run out of hot water with a direct fired water heater

These systems consist of a storage tank with its own burner which directly heats the water in its tank. This option is the perfect solution for homes with high hot water usage.  Direct fired water heaters are available in a variety of configurations, including baffled, and center flue designs.

They are also available in tall or short configurations to accommodate the installation location. Direct fired water heaters are available in heating oil, propane, or natural gas configurations.

How do direct fired water heaters work?

Direct fired water heaters provide their own heat source, either by an oil burner or a natural gas/ propane burner.  They are self contained systems that are vented to the outdoors, and operate independent of the main heating system.

Features and benefits

  • Fast recovery times
  • Nearly limitless hot water
  • Does not rely on the main heating system