Solar PV (Photo voltaic)

In 2019, Sippin Energy Products has partnered with Trinity Solar, to assist any customers with interest in going solar.

Why renewable Solar Energy?

  • It’s great fo our environment: It’s clean, green, and renewable
  • It relieves pressure on our aging infrastructure: When property owners and businesses install solar panels, they help reduce the overall demand for electricity on the system. Electricity is generated on your roof and doesn’t have to travel hundreds/ thousands of miles from its generation source to your home.
  • Solar saves you money, reducing household electric energy costs immediately
  • Creates Energy Security by protecting your home against future electric power price hikes
  • Solar increases your property value
  • Solar power systems generate clean energy and are a solution to global warming
  • Incentives; The State of Connecticut, and the federal government provide incentives to influence the transition over to clean, green energy that in turn provides a mitigation solution against our failing grids.

Seeing more solar homes throughout Connecticut? It is not by chance. In fact the state of Connecticut has a mandate to transition 27% of Connecticut homeowners over to solar by 2020.

What components make up a Trinity Solar System:

  • Panels
  • Solar Optimizers
  • Inverter(s)
  • Net-Meter
  • Shut-offs

If you have ever thought about solar and what it could do for your household, it is easier then ever, and we can help determine if your home is qualified. Solar incentives for Connecticut make going solar more affordable than ever before, and there are several programs available to be tailor fitted to each homeowners’ goals, and electricity needs.




Trinity Solar is here to help SIPPIN ENERGY PRODUCTS customers with the process of going solar and offer several options for residential homeowners to purchase a solar system and or get qualified for a power purchase agreement (PPA)

Trinity Solar Residential Programs:

PPA: is a financial agreement where Trinity Solar provides the design, permitting, financing and installation of a solar energy system on a customer’s property with no customer out-of-pocket costs. There are many advantages with the PPA program and if the home and homeowner are qualified include;

  • No-Out-of-Pocket- Costs: Simple, the customer will only pay less for electricity than they are paying today. System costs, installation, insurance, monitoring, warranties, maintenance are taken care of by Trinity Solar and our financial partners

Finance: This solution allows the customer to own the system and the electricity it produces. There is an immediate Connecticut rebate, and a 30% one-time federal tax credit issued to qualified homeowners that can be used once, or spread out over five years. Best of all, the customer can choose their finance partner which can increase savings with lower interest rates and tailor fit a financial program to benefit the homeowner needs.

CASH: This solution provides the customer with the greatest benefit. By owning the solar system and the electricity it produces. Similar to the Finance Program, there is an immediate Connecticut rebate, and a 30% one-time federal tax credit issued to qualified homeowners that can be used once, or spread out over five years.

Solar Qualification Process:

  • Free, 60-90-minute in-home solar consultation
  • Understand customers goals
  • Determine annual electric usage needs
  • Current state of roof, pitch, and azimuth direction(s)
  • In a PPA, system size, electric needs are converted to quotes. Trinity Solar must save the homeowner money or solar will not be an option
  • Develop State, Local, Utility combined application documents
  • Determine best solution for homeowner(s) needs
  • Following qualification, it can take up to eight weeks for all approvals. Once this is completed, customer is scheduled for installation which takes 1-2 days.
  • After installation final inspections, meter swapping is scheduled (on or about 3 weeks)
  • Following inspection approvals, PTO (Permission to Operate) is given and customer begins producing electricity