A Cleaner Fuel for Connecticut

Sippin Energy Products would like to make all of our customers aware that the state requirements for heating oil have lowered sulfur levels to 15 ppm.  This is a good thing, making it virtually non-polluting. And when blended with bio-fuel, which the state requires a blend of 5%, the results are even better, producing a lower carbon foot print than natural gas. We blend our heating oil to 20% bio-fuel, which goes far beyond state requirements, and improves the life expectancy and performance of  heating equipment. Currently, the fuel we provide is the only renewable fuel available in Connecticut, and all of our bio-fuel product is produced in the United States.We are are excited about the evolving fuel we provide to our customers and embrace these changes with great optimism.  We have always been good at forecasting the future market here and have actually already been using a low sulfur heating oil and bio-fuel blend for more than two years prior to the previous state requirements.