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Here are some really cool time lapsed installation videos


This time lapsed video  illustrates the extensive amount of work required just to dismantle and remove an old system. Once removed, materials are recycled responsibly, and other waste material is transported  to an approved waste remediation facility.


This Energy Kinetics EK boiler system is being installed to replace an older hot water boiler. The new system features a direct sidewall venting system, which you can see in this video requires an extensive amount of work. As you can clearly see in this video, Sippin energy technicians take pride in their craftsmanship, which is evident in every detail, from plumbing fittings to wiring.


In the final phase, assembly is completed, system is filled with water,  electrical systems are connected and tested, and a full array of combustion testing takes place and is documented. Final inspection will be done with the homeowner, who is then given a full rundown and documentation on their new boiler installation. This particular installation  will save this homeowner and estimated 35% on their future heating costs.

Here is a great video presentation on the Energy Kinetics System 2000.  At Sippin Energy, we have installed hundreds of these systems for over two decades and our customers have averaged over 30% in fuel savings, with some customers saving over 50%.  Energy Kinetics boilers have also proven themselves with top notch reliability and whisper-quiet operation, and most home owners really appreciate the virtually endless hot water.  Overall, this boiler system is also our best value and least expensive TCO (Total Cost Of Ownership) boiler system .